Gin Tasting Experience

Gin!  Its an old favourite. The starting point for many lip-smacking cocktails, gin & tonics and wonderful evenings! 

With its roots being traced back as far as the 14th Century, the reputation that gin has had varies from century to century, going from medicinal to anarchic, from craze to bust, but in each decade Gin has always found its place in our society. 

Today, Gin is as popular as ever and the mystical allure of the distillation process, the closely guarded combination of botanicals, the pure alchemy of gin is here at Driftwood Distillery for you to unveil!

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The magic of gin!

We promise you an unforgettable experience, filled with fun and Dutch gezelligheid. As you gather around in our boutique distillery, learn the stories behind our craft gins, their quirky names and how we, the makers, have travelled more than a million miles arriving at the shores of Katwijk back in 2015.

We will show you our crafting process, share with you our expertise, as well as give you an opportunity to savour the artisanal gin in a cosy setting that helps you to leave the world outside just for a while.

For Small Groups…

As a group of friends or family celebrating birthdays, commemorating a special event or even if you are just searching for interesting activities to do at Katwijk beach, why not top off the day with gin tasting at our distillery?

For a visit that exceeds 15 people or if you just want to visit the onsite shop, please get in touch with us here.

For Company events…

If you are looking for new company outing ideas that go beyond escape rooms, bowling or having a meal together, our gin distillery visit will add an element of novelty to your corporate function.

For a bachelor party or hen party that is classy, intimate and cosy, this gin tasting experience is for you!

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