Donkey Jack Craft Gin Cocktail

The Perfect Serve

For the perfect Donkey Jack gin and tonic, mix with Fevertree Premium Indian Tonic and garnish.


  • 40ml Donkey Jack gin
  • 120ml Fevertree Premium Indian Tonic
  • Ice
Donkey Jack Craft Gin (Front)

To garnish:

For a sweeter citrus: Blood Orange or Minneola Orange

For a sour sensation: Pink Grapefruit

For a herbal blast:Tarragon

To Make:

Cool your Copa or balloon glass with ice Drain. off the excess water.

Add in the measure of Donkey Jack Gin. Stir gently to mix with the ice cubes

Gently pour the tonic into your glass. Stir in a relaxed and chilled out fashion. Add garnish. Sip and enjoy.

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