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      Gin Tours & Tastings

      Come for the experience!

      Driftwood Distillery Tasting Experiences

      Gin Tasting Experiences

      “Hannah was such a great host. Her small distillery is a beautiful place you must visit. The tasting was a very unique and special experience. I loved it!"

      Did you know there is a gin distillery between Leiden and Katwijk.  Come and learn about distilling at the distillery!  This is a 45 minute gin tasting experience, where you will learn about distilling, gin flavours and of course the Driftwood Gin characters!  You can then chose a gin and tonic and have a seat on the terrace to maybe try some Driftwood cocktails!

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      Online Tasting Experiences

      " The craftmanship of this set and her story telling were impeccable. You can taste every note of the botanicals in her Gin’s. Not only did I enjoy this set but I won over a friend to Gin and Tonic. One of a kind experience."

      These are great for businesses who what to entertain their clients across Europe or teams who want to engage in team building or team drinks remotely.  

      The Online tasting includes the Driftwood Digital tasting box, an experience in itself!  The online tasting is fully live and interactive.  We will move around the distillery, taste the four gins together and then you can chose what gin tonic you would like to make in your Driftwood Gin & Tonic Glass.  

      Everything you need is in the box (except ice!) 

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      Driftwood Distillery cocktail bar

      For Celebrations 

      Driftwood Distillery is a cosy space which promotes creativity,  and innovation!  That is why it is perfect for meetings, small parties and celebrations.  

      We have partnerships with local chefs if you wanted to create your own gin and dine evening, or sign up to our newsletter to be the first to find out about special evenings we organise.

      Alternatively, if you have an idea, we are all ears, so contact us to discuss!

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      Learn all about driftwood Gin

      Find out how to make London Dry Style gin and what influences flavour and mouthfeel of your favourite gins!

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      Relax on the Terrace

      Chose a G&T or a gin cocktail from our menu.  Then sit and relax as the world passes you buy!

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      Buy at the distillery

      There are a wide range of Driftwood gins, bitters and lots of gift ideas so you are sure to find something for any gin lover!

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