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      Cocktails and more...

      The Classic Aviation cocktail, JVS Gin

      The Aviation Cocktail

      This is a classic cocktail and probably the second one that I fell in love with...  the first being the margarita..  But this one feels much more grown up and sophisticated!

      Chow Hound Gin, Cocktail, Driftwood Distillery

      Let Sleepy Hounds Lie

      This is a pimped up gin and tonic...  The sweetness of raspberries are off set with the tang of fresh lemon and the chamomile adds a floral note to the Chow Hound gin's natural warmth.  Result?  A refreshing and calming gin and tonic!

      Donkey Jack Gin, Gin Cocktail, Driftwood Distillery

      The French Tart

      This is a lipsmacking cocktail using Donkey Jack Gin!  I recommend that you use fresh grapefruit for the juice rather than from a box..  makes all the difference!