Rose Finch Gin

Rose Finch Gin

"Freedom is my choice!"

Rose Finch Gin is our pink gin; a natural follow on from our navy gin. The pink gin was the sailor’s cocktail; invented by the British navy in the 1800’s, when they came upon Dr Johann Siegert’s creation in Venezuela. The addition of the bitters to the daily ration of gin was the 1800’s take on the multi-vitamin.

Rose finches are drift migrants; they fly where the wind takes them. They might not end up where they expected but they go with the flow and find new adventures.

Rose Finch Gin is full of sparkle, hope and represents the eternal optimist. How can you be miserable with this in your glass?

Why Rose Finch Gin

"If lost, go with the flow"

Not constrained by borders, baggage or bullshit,  Rose find knows what is important. Freedom from convention is her conscious choice.  Based on the little rose finch bird, our Rose is of Himalayan ancestry. She is strong, adaptable and goes where the wind takes her. She might not end up where expected but she find new adventures wherever she lands.

Our Rose Finch superhero is named after a little brave bird that migrates thousands of miles each year, taken to whichever land by the strength of the wind.

You can find finches, or their relatives on almost every continent. Our little finch originated in the Himalayas and every year travels across Eurasia,from Japan, through China, Russia, onto the Nordics. Since the 1950’s they have regularly made it into west Europe by the summer months, being found in Switzerland, Netherlands and now even in the UK. They drift, taken by the wind never knowing where they are going to end up. It depends on how strong the wind is! You could say that they believe in the motto, if lost, go with the flow!

Rose Finches are part of the very common Fringillidae family with 26 variants of Finch. The Common Rose Finch has a plucky “never give up” nature, adapting to new climates and environments.

Tasting Notes

Rose Finch Gin

Rose Finch Gin is already a cocktail, known either as a pink gin or gin and bitters. We recommend that either just add ice to Rose Finch Gin and drink it straight with a twist of lemon or try making it into a Rose Finch Sparkle; the ultimate bubble and fizz cocktail

  • 1 part Rose Finch Gin
  • 1 dash of framboise liqueur
  • 2 dashes of crème de cassis
  • Champagne or sparkling wine to fill
  • Garnish with a twist of orange peel

Pour Rose Finch gin, framboise and crème de cassis into a highball glass with a good helping of ice cubes. Fill with champagne and stir gently. Twist the orange peel and place on the edge of the glass.