JVS Navy Gin

“I’d rather be blown up!”

We could not be based in a naval airbase and not have a Navy Gin in our batch, and this is where it all starts for us. JVS Gin is a Navy strength gin at 55%. It has been named after a Dutch Naval hero; Jan Van Speyk. We loved the story of defiance, courage and down right stubbornness.

We wanted this to be a strong, bold gin, but we also wanted it to be smooth, so we have taken the best part of the distillation run to make this gin. The result is a versatile gin that is complex enough to make an interesting drink on its own, or as an equal partner in a cocktail or tonic mix.

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Donkey Jack Gin

"This is a sheepdog story"

Donkey Jack is our manga inspired gin, which we had a lot of fun developing. The concept of Donkey Jack is based on a friend who recently retired from the police force in the USA, so Donkey Jack is a sheepdog warrior, walking the unsung hero’s path.

We wanted this gin to be fun, lively and a little bit wicked so we have kept it strong at 50.3% ABV, but stuck to our principles of using the best of the heart from the distillation run to make the gin.

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Rose Finch Gin

"If lost, go with the flow"

Rose Finch reflects our own drifting story. Clocking up thousands of miles as birds, they migrate across the continents, being blown to new countries, experiences and adventures.  We have turned our Rose Finch into the super hero of freedom.  Whereas we all feel the necessity to conform, Rose Finch has made a conscientious choice not be restricted. She advocates freedom of choice, and movement, rejecting borders, baggage and bullshit!

As a pink gin, Rose Finch Gin is actually a cocktail in its own right. We have used our Navy Gin as the base and added in bitters to get this beautiful rose drink.

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