Intense Flavours

Intense Flavours

Botanical to bottle and into your glass; but the journey only just starts as you take a sip

We use the traditional triad of gin botanicals for our base gin and then add in a few extras for that special Driftwood vibe.


juniper with scent of pine, this is the backbone of our gin that all the other botanicals weave into to give you the flavoursome Driftwood gins.

coriander; sweet gentle, slightly floral, introduces a hint of citrus and is the perfect juniper partner.


angelica; introduces herbal notes that binds and completes the triad of gin botanical staples.

Now the olfactory and gustatory fun starts


cardamom; finishes the herbal sensation by adding in a clean grassy aroma

cinnamon; introduces a sultry heat combined with earthy tones that climb to a sweet finish


nutmeg; taking the baton from the cinnamon, nutmeg warms the flavour of the juniper with subtle spicy notes


liqourice; with aphrodisiac claims, this botanical adds a dry woody note to finish the spicy senses

orange zest; a stress buster botanical that turns the spice into sweet with citrus notes

orange zest
lemon zest

lemon zest; sharp and fresh; a tantalising aroma that livens up juniper at the end of its journey

orris root; Finishes the gin “drift” leaving you with rich sensuous violet floral aromas

orris root