Introducing Driftwood Distillery

Craft Gin; Our Passion, Simply Engineered.

What can we tell you about us? We set up Driftwood Distillery to create experiences. For us, that meant an experience to come and see us, an experience in your glass and hopefully a wonderful social experience with your friends as you drink our spirits.

We have drifted most of our lives, from country to country for work and for pleasure, always seeking out a new experience, adventure or challenge. We are naturally curious, scientific problem solvers. We don’t sit still, we keep moving. We have landed in a beautiful small town by the seaside in the Netherlands. Our wanderlust may be quenched for now, but our need for adventure has not!

We knew that a craft distillery was an adventure of epic scale but it was important to realise our vision of flavour intense, high quality spirits; all made through challenging the norm. You cannot improve something if you do not understand its parts and processes. Doing everything ourselves from recipe creation, to distillation, to bottling to label designing means that we can continuously improve and refine, making sure that today, we have the superheros of gin to offer you.

So Driftwood; a natural element, carried by the sea, changing shape as it goes but keeping the essence of its origins; that is us

Distillery; to distil, transform, make pure and strong; that is our vision

Driftwood Distillery; the coming together of years of experiences to create something special which would not have been possible without the journey; this is our passion and we hope your new experience!





We have travelled over a million miles, spent more than 84 days just drifting, exploring 80 cities in 39 different countries; we have landed in the Netherlands.